ADAS Cruising Functions

In addition to the enormous contribution of ADAS technology to road-safety, functions that relieve the driver from specific driving tasks, referred to as Cruising Functions, and thus increase driver and passenger comfort are considered value-add for the end-customer.

„Autonomous Driving Level 2+“ is defined as situations where the driver maintains full responsibility of the vehicle.  For Level 2+, CES uses a carryover approach, leveraging from our vast technology portfolio.  We can integrate these functions in a turn-key delivery as part of an ADAS system into your vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control


Continental‘s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is continuously enhanced with additional functionality in each new generation as part of CES‘ ADAS-System. It is compatible with the latest vehicle features (e.g., GPS-system). 

The CES ACC system includes:

  • Stop & Go
  • Auto-Go
  • Speed-Limit-Assistant

Lane Support Functions


Our camera-based ADAS systems cover all three stages of lane support systems, which include warning, safety intervention, and comfortable cruising.  The following features are examples of these intervention levels:

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Departure Protection with steering interventions
  • Lane Keeping Assist with continuous lance centering

Traffic Jam & Highway Assist


The CES Traffic Jam Assist function is a combination of the latest ACC-Generation with Lane-Keeping-Assist and an object tracking feature for low and medium speeds. This function is often referred to as Level-2+ driving.

When integrated into a vehicle architecture that includes our Driver Monitoring Camera and a suitable safety concept, our ADAS-system with Traffic-Jam-Assist is capable of supporting extended hands-off scenarios.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are the key enablers of tomorrow‘s autonomous vehicles. Already today, ADAS technologies enable a high level of driving comfort and crash avoidance via features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Brake Assist.

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