MK C2 HAD® – Redundant One-box System

MK C2 HAD® – Redundant One-box System


New generation of HAD (Highly Autonomous Driving) system is capable of supporting Automated Driving vehicles SAE level 3 and higher, let it be a passanger vehicle, robotaxi, an autonomous delivery vehicle or even a city peoplemover.

The MK C2 HAD system is a brake-by-wire MK C2 one-box unit, connected to a MK100 HBE unit. The multi-logic architecture and redundant fallback level allows for continuous driver support.

The MK C2 HAD system consist of a high performance, brake-by-wire MK C2 one-box unit, that is connected with a MK100 HBE (Hydraulic Brake Extension) unit as a fallback solution. 

Thanks to the multi-logic architecture and the redundant fallback level, functions remain available even in the case of a fault so that the driver can be given continuous support. What is more, the parking brake, can be redundantly controlled which makes a mechanical transmission lock superfluous that otherwise ensures a safe vehicle hold.

Key Features

  • Redundant architecture
  • Redundant fallback levels
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) functionality
  • Cyber Security state-of-the-art
  • Support from a distributed to service-oriented, centralized vehicle system architecture


Customer Benefits

  • Suitable for Electric Vehicles
  • Highly Autonomus Parking feature
  • Highly Automated Driving SAE level 3 and higher
  • Fallback levels with high function availability
  • Ready to apply system configuration


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