Maneuvering Collision Alert (MCA)

The Maneuvering Collision Alert (MCA) is a generic collision warning function for all vehicle types (e.g. agriculture, construction, material handling). In maneuvering situations such as turning, reversing, vehicle positioning etc. it warns the operator about vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists or other moving objects.

Feature Overview

  • Outputs collision warning based on radar object detection​
  • Multi sensor perception enables up to 360° detection of dynamic objects in all weather / light conditions​
  • Analyzes predicted ego and object trajectories and provides criticality rating for each object​
  • Function output can also be used to visualize imminent critical objects to the driver​
  • Fast recognition of critical area helps to avoid a collision 


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Maneuvering Collision Alert – Output / Benefits

  • Outputs a warning signal when a collision is imminent with a dynamic object
  • Output includes position of critical object
  • Warning Signal can be used for audio / haptic / visual warning
  • Object-information can also be integrated into Surround View function
  • Draws attention to the hazardous area and allows the driver to react in an appropriate way

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