Our path to achieving

Economical Sustainability

We pursue the goal of economic sustainability through three approaches: We promote sustainable business, optimize the circular economy, and invest in green technologies.

Digital agriculture solutions

Based on the wide field of system solutions for automotive and big data applications, CES develops systems, services and components for the agricultural sector. Our extensive technology portfolio within automotive can be adapted from conventional applications to agriculture needs or create completely new solutions.
Complementing the development and engineering competence, CES will bring the customized product into series production with highest quality standards.
With increasing demand of efficiency for farming and cultivation, the great experience in vision based artificial intelligence development makes CES an optimal partner to evaluate and develop specific solutions.
A System based on Artificial intelligence which detects, identifies and catalogs plants in real-time, is readily available and can be adapted to your needs. Through our interchangeable and flexible sensor array, we can implement various approaches when it comes to digital agriculture: plant detection and status of health analysis is just the beginning!

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

There is a sustained trend toward transparency when it comes to product carbon footprint and Life Cycle Assessment. LCA is the most important measuring tool for the decarbonization activities worldwide. Based on our extensive experience with developing and manufacturing quality automotive components, we are in an ideal position to calculate, analyze and provide insight into the carbon footprint and Life Cycle Inventory.
State-of-the-art production standards at CES allows us to better understand and quantify the different steps from material procurement to final assembly which helps us generate accurate models for each process. We combine environmental data from Continental production plants worldwide with datasets from trusted providers like Sphera GaBi and Ecoinvent to plug in the gaps with Data-on-Demand. The result is a complete cradle-to-grave assessment of the product’s environmental footprint with an in-depth analysis of the hot-spots to help better understand the impacts and how to improve the design for environment.


Martin Pöttcher

Head of CES GreenTech

Email: martin.poettcher@conti-engineering.com