Radar Chamber

2020 marks a new era in our radar technology. The introduction of the Radar Chamber rounds off our know-how and affords customers the measurements, radar testing, and verification against industry benchmarks for superior radar deployment.

As autonomous, environmentally friendly driving increasingly grows its footprint in automotive and industrial landscapes, the symbiosis of this megatrend and our radar expertise makes our comprehensive offerings of radar sensors and Radar Chamber Testing a leading turnkey solution for automation projects. Radar sensors are at the backbone of what makes autonomous systems autonomous. They collect information by detecting and classifying objects in the surroundings and then forward it for decision-making. 

Typically, radar sensors on vehicles are located behind bumpers or housings (Radomes). Incorrect assumptions regarding the types of material for Radomes would cost signal penetrability in the desired frequency band. The resulting signals, therefore, can be impaired to a point at which output data is false, distorted, or attenuated. If you find it too overwhelming to decide on Radome material, our Radar Chamber is here to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Radar Chamber offers a way to reliably verify and optimize Radome designs based on our findings. Attenuation can be reduced to the required criteria of 2.5 dB, and the distortion can also be drawn down by around 75% to fulfill an angle error of max. 0.5° according to automotive standards.

Our Radar Chamber in Karben is one of a very few chambers within the Continental world performing such verification testing for Radomes. We provide customers all around the globe the capability to perform their required/needed measurements and thus to realize complex engineering objectives.

Our extensive know-how materializes this assurance in developing, producing, and tailoring Radomes to your specific needs. Aside from radar technology, our wide range of capabilities across supply and value chain, such as 3D printing and mechanics, makes us one of the leading process suppliers and places us among the pioneers of Radome testing and measurement since the early days of radar sensor applications.

The CES Radar Test Chamber is among our most significant achievements and has been underway for years within our Radar Sensors Team to pave the way for tomorrow‘s large-scale deployment of radar technology.

This megatrend opens new technology paths that impact all facets of the future‘s highly connected, intelligent cities and vehicles. That’s why testing and measurement become an inseparable part of both manufacture and network operation. Drawing on many decades of experience working with OEMs and industrial customers, we take pride in our competence in providing all technologies needed to shape a radar-driven future hand-in-hand with our customers.

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