Portable Electronic Tester (PET)

Continental Engineering Services (CES) has developed a Portable Electronic Tester (PET) with a wide range of measurement capabilities to evaluate and verify control modules.

The graphical user interface allows for a seamless connection to perform automated in-circuit tests on the Device Under Test (DUT) to provide test results with a visual pass or fail. The portability of the tester allows on-site use for hardware verification and can aid in the reduction of warranty claims.
The system size consists of a 19-inch rack that is roughly the size of a carry-on suitcase. All testers come in a durable, rolling case which allows for simple and secure transportation.



  • 4 CAN Channels
  • 1 Flex Ray Channel
  • 5 LIN Channels
  • 5 SENT Lines


  • 24 ADC
  • 87 DAC
  • 4 Arbitrary Waveform Differential Outputs


  • 16 Digital Inputs
  • 48 Half Bridge Outputs (source/sink current paths configurable to provide +16V or +5V)
  • 24 PWM Outputs
  • 4 Differential PWM Outputs


  • 5 Lambda Sensor Simulators
  • 1 Relay with Normally Open and Normally Close positions.
  • 4 Variable Voltage Relay Controlled Outputs
  • 6 Fixed Voltage Outputs

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Business Development – Interior Electronic Functions
Tel: +1 248 393 6539
Email: megan.spielbusch@conti-engineering.com