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Continental Engineering Services (CES) has a broad portfolio of automotive and industrial products, which is comprehensively presented on our website. Within this webpage, we focus narrowly on the subset of our technology portfolio, which supports our clients in identity verification and identity authentication systems.

While there are many scenarios where identity verification would be beneficial, here we will focus on the most likely automotive-related usage models.  Let’s consider the case of a pre-authorized driver for a specific car-sharing company, and this individual approaches a fleet vehicle that is available to rent within the scope of their membership.  The driver desires to authenticate and drive away with the vehicle immediately. Car sharing companies may benefit from adapting the following CES technologies into their solutions:

The heart of any automotive user authentication system is the IoT or Telematics unit. CES has invested heavily in IoT over the years and has a fully automotive qualified and proven-in-series telematics solution. Additionally, our continued dedication and investment in the IoT space means that we are continually pushing the scope of “possible” forward.  We would be delighted to discuss your needs and share specific features of our various telematic solutions.  Within the scope of CES, IOT is Nearfield Communications, allowing a customer to authenticate and access a vehicle based on the use of their cell phone and an app on the cell phone, which is commonly accomplished using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

In such a scenario, there is a myriad of ways to authenticate the driver. For example, facial recognition could be performed with a Time-of-flight (TOF) camera, which has the capability of collecting depth information in addition to color and brightness information. CES currently uses Occupant-Facing-Camera (Also called Driver Facing Camera) technology, which does, as an option, have the possibility of TOF technology deployment for proof-of-concept applications.

CES is also an expert in Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI), such as displays including haptic feedback. It would also be possible to install small dedicated kiosks or displays on the outside of a vehicle to enable authentication. This type of technology could use fingerprint technology or other biometric specific sensors based on your requirements.

CES automotive camera technology could be used to photograph identification provided by the customer while standing next to the car. Imagine that the driver holds up their driver’s license, or passport, to a camera on the vehicle, and the vehicle “scans” the document. CES currently uses infrared(IR) camera technology and IR lighting techniques, such that a high definition image could be collected of either a driver’s face or a document under a wide variety of lighting conditions including high ambient lighting and no light.  Combined with your own cloud-based solutions, the door could be conditionally unlocked based on the face or identification information, or any combination thereof. 

As you are faced with the task of creating cloud-based services for Identification Authentication, consider that CES has a department dedicated to Data Services and offers packages including consulting, training, coaching, and pilot projects. CES Data Services can provide training in automation and analytics, even for users who have no prior IT or programming skills. Utilizing open-source KNIME Analytics and PowerBI for interactive dashboards, we enable all users to benefit from automating work previously done manually, finding new insights in data, and provide a framework to base future business decisions on facts. What also differentiates Continental is our vast experience in the manufacturing industry. Our project examples comprise all value chain elements, e.g., R&D, production, supply chain management, sales, controlling, and human relations.

The CES technology portfolio also includes actuators such as door locks. Used in conjunction with our other ECU’s such as Telematic solution, IOT solution, or our Secure Gateway, CES can provide robust framework technology for the realization of your user authentication needs.

CES is also a leader in interior/exterior automotive lighting. In this way, we can draw upon our existing intellectual property to create indicator lights for customers who either succeed or fail at gaining access to the vehicle. In this way, users who are interacting with the vehicle are fully aware of the vehicle status while the vehicle is accessing their facial features, identification, or is connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 

In addition to visual interaction cues provided to the customer via lighting as described above, audible ques could also be provided. In the CES technology portfolio is a Sound Generation Unit (SGU), which is a programable device to add required or desired sounds to any device. The SGU is commonly deployed on electric scooters, or electric vehicles to provide operating sounds to make the road safe for Vulnerable Road Users (VRU’s) such as pedestrians and cyclists who depend on audible clues when making decisions.  The SGU could be tasked to provide user feedback in case a customer is trying to gain access to the vehicle.  CES Ac2ated Sound technology, could also be employed in the case of a non-electric vehicle, this technology is a high-tech, lightweight, high-performance, speaker replacement technology would be ideal for creating feedback sounds outside of the vehicle when our proprietary actuators are installed.

Cyber Security is also a priority within the IoT space, and we would also be delighted to share with you our quality, safety, and cybersecurity approaches.

CES would be delighted to support you every step of the way as you embark on a journey to deploy identity verification. We can support during design, system development, simulation, and test. Let us know where you need support, and we will create a collaboration model that suits your needs, building on your strengths and the strengths of our rich technology portfolio, saving you both time and money.

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