Donation for three global organizations

Last year our employees proudly supported three globally active organizations by making contributions to UNICEFWWF, and World Vision.  
These donations mean high impact in a sustainable way with very small investment of resources and time. With these contributions’ diverse projects all over the world can find financial support – from helping and supporting undernourished and starving kids and infants, to shelter projects of refugees, and big reforestation projects all over the globe. 

We are proud and thank our colleagues for participating, sharing interest in others and looking beyond.

Brake Competence for BMW M

Continental Engineering Services provides development and integration support in brake technology for high performance vehicles. BMW M vehicles are designed to meet the highest demands

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ARAS™ demo bike

We proudly present our ARAS™ demo bike with its various rider assistance functions based on radar and camera sensorics. The motorcycle is used to develop and test two-wheeler-specific functions within the framework of ARAS™ (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems).

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