Electric Parking Brake EPB-Si (Simplex Integrated)

Electric Parking Brake EPB-Si (Simplex Integrated)


Instead of manual activation via hand brake lever and floor pull, the electric version generates the clamp force by an actuator that, in the case of EPB-Si, sits directly on the back plate of the drum brake. The driver gives the command to activate the parking brake via a switch in the interior.

While the actuator is on the drum brake, the control including the power output electronics are included in the ESC control. This results in an optimized distribution in terms of weight, cost and space.

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  • Gear concept with high efficiency => less power consumption
  • Short application times < 1s
  • Brake sizes from 7″ to 11″ up to 3000kg GVW
  • One actuator design for all applications
  • All EPB functionality acc. to VDA 2 open interface

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