Brake Actuation

Brake Actuation


Brake boosters amplify the braking force and make it easier for the driver to apply pedal force in order to achieve a desired braking effect.

The Continental product portfolio includes a wide range of brake force boosters. Steel and aluminum housings, single and tandem versions are available, in all required sizes. The brake boosters features weight reduction and an short installation length. All product variants are available in conventional steel, but also in lightweight aluminum housing versions. Frontbolt designs on a tie rod basis simplify assembly at the OEM.


  • New shell shape
  • New shell material (ZAM)
  • Staked tie rod bolts in rear shell
  • Omission of TMC housing anodizing
  • New reservoir/TMC interface


  • Better corrosion resistance
  • High vacuum robustness
  • Weight optimization
  • Compact design

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