BLDC and DC Motor Controller

BLDC and DC Motor Controller


The brushless motor controller controls up to two electrically powered auxiliaries, such as water, oil pumps and servo operated systems. The control device’s main functions include the rotor position detection of the BLDC motors, the retrieval of commutation information and generation of the rotating field in the stator as well as overcurrent protection.


  • Control up to two BLDC or DC motors
  • Field oriented control for rotational speed or positioning applications
  • Support for systems with or without sensors
  • Block or sine commutation
  • Communication to higher-level systems (e.g. via PWM, LIN, CAN, Ethernet)
  • Integrated diagnostics


  • Rapid prototyping for your BLDC or DC motor application
  • Cost-effective adaptation to your requirements
  • Product safety thanks to a proven hardware and software platform
  • Control of two BLDC or DC motors with a single control device possible

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