Airbag Control Unit T25 (ACU)

Airbag Control Unit T25 (ACU)


CES has a long and proven experience in supplying passive safety restraint systems to some of the most known sportscar-, luxury and DMG manufacturers. The system consists of the Airbag Control Unit (ACU) , two connected pressure, as well as four acceleration sensors for detecting different crash scenarios. 
A core advantage of the offer is, that over Continental Safety Engineering additionally the system integration, consulting, calibration and the crash testing can be covered. Additionally, the airbags can be supplied over our preferred partner. We offer the full passive safety system out of one hand.


The Airbag Control Unit (ACU) is the heart of the passive safety restraint system. It hosts all features for front-, rear-, side-and rollover impact protection and includes further legislation relevant functions such as Crash Detection and Event Data Recorder. Additionally, an internal measurement unit (IMU) is integrated.

Satellite Sensor Information

The satellite sensors connected to the ACU consist of pressure and acceleration sensors and ensure the detection of the different crash scenarios. An external IMU can be provided additionally if required.
pSAT pressure satellites were developed specifically for side crashes. They are installed in the cavity of the door and rapidly detect the change of pressure within the door, thereby reacting extremely quickly.
The acceleration satellite sensors (g-sat) measure and supply the information on the acceleration values in the rigid vehicle structures to the airbag control unit. The airbag control unit can determine both – the duration of intrusion and the intensity of the crash – and activate lifesaving restraint systems in just milliseconds.
The components offer excellent quality (close to 0 ppm) and are based on extensive worldwide field experience.


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