ADC415 – Assisted Driving Control Unit

ADC415 – Assisted Driving Control Unit

Multifunctional Processing Platform

The ADC415 is a compact ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for safety critical ADAS applications. It is well suited for usecases requiring multiple Ethernet (ETH) and CAN interfaces and including safety critical functionalities due to its ASIL D capability. It can serve as well as a gateway, entry fusion host ECU or as integration platform for Software functions. Some examples for customer applications are “minimum risk maneuver” or motion control functionalities.


  • Multiple CAN & Ethernet Interfaces
  • ASIL D capability
  • Various functionalites possible (Gateway, Fusion Host for ECUs, Integration platform, etc.)

ADC415 Specifications

  • Processor: Infineon Aurix TC 397XX
  • CPU
    • 4x TriCore Dual-Lockstep, ~2700 DMIPS
    • 2x TriCore Single, ~1300 DIMPS
  • RAM: 6912 Kbyte
  • Program Flash: 15,6 MB
  • Ethernet Interfaces: 7
  • CAN-FD Interfaces: 6
  • PWM/LED Output: 2×2 high side drivers accessible on system connector
  • Size: 87 x 134 x 37mm
  • Weight: 170g


Yannick Frisoni

Senior Business Development Manager
Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Segment

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