CES and VARTA are developing a particularly powerful battery

In an initial pilot project, Continental Engineering Services (CES) and Varta have jointly developed an innovative product for the two-wheeler market: a swappable 48-volt battery pack for electrically powered two-wheelers.

This first joint development is unique in that the lightweight 48-volt battery pack is particularly powerful and at the same time has a high energy density. This can be attributed to the new V4Drive lithium-ion round cell from Varta and a newly developed battery management system from CES. These features enable electric scooters, for example, to achieve a drive power of 10kW or more. Vehicles with this motor power and maximum speed are comparable to conventionally powered scooters with a displacement of 125 cc or more. As an additional advantage, there is the option to use up to two 48-volt battery packs in the scooter, each weighing 10 kg. When used together, the range can be extended to 100 km which is ideal for everyday commuting use. Once at the destination, the rider can simply remove the 48-volt battery packs and quickly recharge them in the office or at home. This battery system is the ideal solution when there are no charging stations available at the parking location.

Alex Rupprecht, Director of Business Segment Driveline & Electrification at CES, and Gordon Clements, General Manager at VARTA Solutions, hope that the partnership will lead to further sustainable technologies and products for electromobility in the future.

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Alex Rupprecht (Continental Engineering Services GmbH) and Gordon Clements (Varta AG) present the new 48-volt battery pack in front of an electric scooter.