We have been proud to be able to support a large number of automotive brands for almost 15 years. We do not limit ourselves to the premium and niche markets, but we also serve volume manufacturers as service providers and extended workbench for special tasks. 

We are able to prove our skillsets to many of our customers with know-how, continuity and flexibility. This is also why well-established partnerships have been built over the years and across company boundaries. Our customers benefit from this all the time with every new project.

Direct Contact

Matthias Clemenz
Tel: +49 69 678 696 410
Email: matthias.clemenz@conti-engineering.com

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Test & Simulation

Test & Simulations In order to enable all necessary test scenarios of a modern development process in an efficient way, we have been staking on

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The application of electronics, sensor technology and software is signficantly increasing. Extending the diversity of vehicle functions, increasing the efficiency of drives and designing instrumentation or displays clearly for example to enable an efficient, safe and reliable functionality.s.

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Development With our overall understanding of the vehicle, we develop technological solutions tailored to your needs at component, functional or system level.  Hardware Engineering More

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Concept Development

In concept development, we help you to check all ideas for feasibility and efficient solutions. In addition, we give you recommendations to define these ideas more precisely, which developments are possible or already exist, what the market for corresponding solutions looks like and how the effectiveness of the solution can be optimized if necessary.

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