Electric Propulsion Unit (EPPU)

The Electric Propulsion Unit (EPPU) is the fast and easy way to convert your internal combustion engine vehicle to an electric vehicle (EV)

The EPPU contains the following components:

  • Electric motor (up to 226 Nm)
  • Power electronic (up to 70 kW)
  • DC/DC (up to 3 kW) 
  • Vehicle controller
  • Electric vacuum pump, electric  water pump and hoses
  • HV A/C compressor
  • One phase AC charger   
  • HV junction box
  • Harness and connector to vehicle
  • LV fuse and relay box
  • Optional: HV water heater


  • Independent front end production
  • Easy and time efficient installation in vehicles
  • Supplier independent components possible
  • Variable adjustment to given engine mounting points
  • Reduced mechanical and electrical interfaces

Our Services

  • Development/Tailoring of the EPPU to your needs
  • Vehicle Integration
  • Development of VCU functionality and calibration
  • Development of overall charging strategy/functionality
  • Vehicle Testing
  • Delivery of prototypes up to series production

Direct Contact

Markus Wernsdörfer
Tel: +49 911 217 744 703
Email: Markus.Wernsdoerfer­@conti-engineering.com

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