HFL110 3D Flash LIDAR™

Combining the strengths of radar (distance measurement) with camera-based systems (object classification), LiDAR sensors are regarded as an essential environment perception sensor to enable 3D machine vision. Continental’s solid-state LiDAR was designed right from the beginning with 4096 pixels operating at 25Hz with multiple returns per pixel without motion distortion.

Developed and manufactured according to Continental’s rigorous automotive-grade quality standards, Continental’s LiDAR HFL110 is suitable for advanced development through serial production phases.
CES proposes a scalable offer :

  • HFL110 industrial sensor: basic raw point cloud, intensity, and object list data via ROS interface
  • HFL110 Kit: Ecosystem of scalable advanced perception modules / HMI for development & data acquisition

HFL110 Short-Range Sensor​

  • Automotive-grade robustness
  • Solid State Design
  • Contiguous Pixels
  • 3D Global Shutter™
  • IP6K9K
  • Field-of-view 120˚

Basic Raw Data Output (25Hz)

  • 3D Point Cloud with intensity map
  • Objects Detection list

Target Customer Groups

Technology transfer

System Overview

High Resolution 3D Flash Lidar

The latest innovation of the short range lidar technology will incorporate the multi-functional-camera MFC400. This gives multiple advantages in terms of packaging and function. The new MFL4x0 integrates an Infrared Short Range LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) Sensor and a CMOS camera into a single compact unit, which can be installed in the mirror base even in small cars.

Lidar Development Kits and Workshops

We offer you various Devekopment Kits and Workshops for the usage and implementation of Radar Sensors, Automotive Cameras and Lidars in your projects. Contact me for more information.

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