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Continental Engineering Services offer customers a complete range of tested and field proven components, optimized to your connectivity needs.

Infotainment Controller

Regardless of whether it is a “navigation system” or driver assistance systems: Modern technologies already make it possible to collect all important information in the vehicle and to make it available to the driver and to link it to Internet services.
Modern information management means more than just displaying relevant vehicle information. A holistic human-machine dialogue ensures simple exchange between people, vehicles and the outside world. In an ever more complex world, information management is also simplified in the car and creates opportunities for new vehicle functions such as automated driving and the seamless integration of mobile devices.

Features & Functions

  • HiFi Audio
  • Digital and analog radio (double FM/AM tuner + TMC, DAB, DAB+)
  • Navigation
  • Natural language recognition
  • Phone functions incl. NR/EC
  • Connectivity: USB, BT, Wifi
  • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto


  • One DIN Silver Box
  • Sheet metal housing


  • Feel at home on the go
  • More driving comfort
  • More efficiency and control over the vehicle environment
  • Easy connection of all entertainment media and mobile devices intended for use in the car
  • Based on Linux Open Platform GENIVI
  • Many supported languages (incl. Arabic and Chinese)

Electrical Vehicle Power Line Communication Controller

The Continental Electrical Vehicle Power Line Communication controller (EVPLC) provides a modern and smart PLC to CAN gateway to the car and its passengers. It is the communication interface between the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the Electric Vehicle Central Control Unit (vehicle charging functions). 

Features & Functions

  • AC/DC charging communication
  • Plug and Charge (PnC)
  • Diagnosis
  • Safety ASIL B (D)

Housing Example

  • Water Proof: IP42
  • PCB: 4 layer FR4
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 120 mm x 27 mm
    (w/o mounting bracket)
  • Weight: 250g
  • Connector: TH8 (8-ways)


  • A “PLC to CAN”  gateway compliant with Power Line Communication  norms ISO 15118 and DIN 70121
  • High Level Charging Communication (PLC over CP signal, AC or DC-Fast charging, Plug and Charge)
  • Modular Design allows individualization and adaptation of the customer’s Application ASW interface
  • Self-Test, Diagnostic, Customer reprogramming with secure signature(Applicative and Calibration) functions via UDS
  • Cyber security concept ensuring protection against external threats.

Telematic Unit

Telematics solutions are the key to a holistic network of the driver, vehicle and environment. The Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is a communication interface between car and Internet of Things (IoT). It acts like a “Gateway” and provides access to the internet with a 4G/LTE state of the art connection. The main functions are data provision for Infotainment solutions, SW Update over the air, and data transfer for the remote vehicle diagnostics and vehicle tracking.

With the integrated GPS and eCall functionalities, it enhances security in case of emergency situations. In addition to monitoring of vehicle and driver behavior, drivers could also be warned of road damage or accidents on their journey. To fulfill these purposes, the TCU contains an ethernet or USB interface, a firewall for secure data exchange and enough storage for SW Updates over the air.

Technical Information

  • 3G/4G world wide solution
  • WLAN, GPS, USB, Bluetooth
  • Over-the-Air Update
  • Private eCall and ERA GLONASS (automatically or manually triggered emergency call systems)
  • Vehicle Microcontroller
  • Additional services and features such as stolen vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics, mobile phone connectivity options

Factsheet Telematic Unit

Dowload our Telematic Unit Factsheet


  • Enhanced security
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Reliable and fast data transmission enabling communication to other systems
  • Facilitates anticipatory vehicle control
  • More efficient advanced driver assistance functions
  • Improved navigation by vehicle tracking and localization


Managing the Vehicle’s Data Network.

The rising amount of functions available in today’s vehicles is leading to both a more complex electronic architecture and to an increasing number of involved electronic control units (ECUs).

To ensure smooth, safe and correct communication between all ECUs it is necessary to have one master unit to coordinate the data transfer within the vehicle network system.

Gateways are the enabler for communication within a vehicle network system and thereby function as a data router as well as a central computing unit between vehicle network domains (powertrain, body, infotainment, etc.). In addition to that, the level of security of an in-vehicle architecture can be increased using a Gateway.


  • Gateways are based on standardized hardware and software platforms and offer significant high volume product cost advantages to our customers
  • Our Gateways operate state-of-the-art and innovative bus technologies  (LIN, CAN, CAN FD MOST, Ethernet, BroadRreach, FlexRay …)
  • We have a long history & invaluable experience in the field due to our partnerships with OEM’s since the beginning of Gateway development and implementation

Gateway Examples

IoT Platform


The CES IoT platform as a modern backend solution.

Where to put the massive quantities of data? For modern connected systems and functions, more and more data has to be recorded, forwarded and stored. The volume of data traffic is rising on a massive scale and leaves behind traces in the architectures. Do you want to add new functions to products while also making it easier to handle complex quantities of data?

Features & Functions

  • Powerful backend
  • Integrated device and account management
  • Easy handling regarding telematics data
  • Data can be handled by means of analysis tools
  • Linux client and smartphone application available
  • Scalable backend solution (useful load handling possible)
  • Existing interface for dedicated access to the backend

Factsheet IoT

Download our IoT Factsheet

CES IoT Gateway

Our IoT Gateway is the key component to connect your sensors, devices and other elements with the Internet and the main part for the functionality of...

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