Connectivity Components

We offer our customers a full range of tested and field-proven products that fit the urban digital lifestyle. They are always safe, intuitive and efficient to operate. Connected with countless sensors and state of the art software, they process all data and ensure connectivity for the next generation.

Cockpit Controller

The future Cockpit control improves the usage of software and hardware in accordance of a high level of operational security. This allows new business models and a rapid and efficient implementation of new functions.

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Telematic Unit

With Continental’s in-house developed network access devices (NADs) and Telematics software framework, our Telematics Control Units (TCUs) are highly customizable and ready-to-use in different regions.

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Electrical Vehicle Power Line Communication (EVPLC)

The Continental Electrical Vehicle Power Line Communication controller (EVPLC) provides a modern and smart PLC to CAN gateway to the car and its passengers. It is the communication interface between the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the Electric Vehicle Central Control Unit (vehicle charging functions).

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IoT Gateway

Our IoT Gateway is the key component to connect your sensors, devices and other elements with the Internet. Easily update your applications, devices and sensors with Internet connectivity to realize additional use cases. The product ensures access to local information from a platform anywhere, anytime.

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