One of the most important parts for safety in the vehicle. The Brake.

Today it fulfills more than “just” the task of bringing a vehicle to a stop. It helps to generate energy through recuperation, it helps reduce CO2 emissions through intelligent driving and braking, and it helps to protect people’s lives because it keeps the braking distance as short as possible even when the driver is careless or under adverse environmental conditions. Here you will find some key components that will make driving a car more pleasant and, above all, safer.

Component Portfolio


The MK C1® EVO is Continental’s next evolutionary step of its brake by wire brake systems. The robust design continues the approach of an innovative simulator brake system MK C1®, in production as since 2016, by keeping the high system performance while reducing the costs and power consumption.

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MK 100® ESC High Plus

The MK 100® ESC is designed to combine the comfort requirements of driver assistance functions with the optional available high pressure dynamic requirements of the Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) function.

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