Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach to develop highly complex systems. At CES, this means the transformation of an idea into vehicles. CES Systems Engineering provides engineering services, training, and consulting for the innovation, concept, and product development phases of vehicle development, focusing on the holistic vehicle system level.

CES Systems Engineering Support for Vehicle Development

Your benefits with our E/E-Architecture Service

  • Our service is scalable to your wishes and offers you customized, fast, and efficient solutions.
  • You receive state of the art and consistent solutions fulfilling the latest automotive regulations.
  • Our feature and maturity driven development style permit early periodic feasibility checks.
  • Due to our systems engineering processes, verification, and validation activities, you receive proven quality.

Systems Engineering - Innovation

CES Systems Engineering Service Portfolio
Feature ConsultingTechnical Studies
  • Feature specification (operational concept)
  • Demonstrator development for verification and validation
  • Vehicle feature benchmarking
  • Feature Homologation
  • Feature-function-component mapping
  • E/E-Architecture
  • Dimensioning study & component availability check/testing
  • Thermal & Energy Management
  • Packaging study
R&D Process ConsultingProject Planning
  • Development of process target picture (classic or agile product development)
  • Process performance measurement
  • Implementing process standards like ASPICE, ISO26262
  • Process of roll-out plan and training
  • Definition of Project plan
  • Estimation of costs and time
  • Risk analysis
  • Creation of RASIC chart
  • Define communication and information channel & perform kick-off meetings

Systems Engineering - Concept

CES Systems Engineering Service Portfolio
Feature SpecificationArchitecture Concepts
  • Operational concept
  • Logical architecture model
  • Logical test concept
  • Proposal for technical realization
  • Feature requirements
  • Logical & technical E/E-Architecture
  • Communication & wiring harness layout
  • System / component trade study
  • Thermal & energy management concept
  • Packaging and dimensioning design
  • Requirements for components
Functional Safety ConceptSecurity and Privacy Concept
  • Item definition
  • HARA with safety goals
  • Functional safety concept & requirements
  • Item definition
  • TATA and PIA
  • Security and privacy concept & requirements

Systems Engineering - Product Development

CES Systems Engineering Service Portfolio
Feature RealizationImplementation Support
  • Implementation support
  • Verification and validation
  • Feature troubleshooting
  • Fine-tuning
  • Feature release
  • Preparations of requests for quote/proposal/information
  • Technical supplier information evaluation
  • Development interface agreement
  • System configuration, change management & process assessments
System IntegrationVerification and Validation
  • Integration strategy development
  • Test board installation (technical integration)
  • Prototype development (multi-levels)
  • Functional integration
  • Fine-tuning
  • Test planning & specification
  • Test execution (MiL, HiL, SysiL, road & virtual testing, EMV, Crash, …)
  • Inspections, analysis & demonstrations
  • Test management

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