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On-demand production

for your success

Our mission is simple: we offer customized manufacturing solutions for your projects. Our on-demand production allows you to act flexibly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

Flexible production scaling

Smooth production peaks through agile capacity optimization.

Modular manufacturing without CAPEX

We can produce discontinued, low, and temporary quantities.

Coverage of the entire process chain

Quickly available capacities and a wide range of manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing processes

Our wide range of manufacturing processes includes:

Circuit boards

Assembly of complex circuit boards from prototypes to series. Our offering includes coordination and handling before, during, and after assembly, including component procurement.

Metal processing

Our portfolio of metal processing technologies guarantees speed, quality, and precision. It includes die-casting, turning, milling, bending, wire erosion, and laser cutting.

3D printing in series

From concept to product realization, our additive manufacturing maximizes development possibilities and efficiency. Utilize techniques like Fused Deposition Modeling, Stereolithography, Laser Sintering, and more.

Plastic processing

Our advanced technologies for plastic processing enable material diversity and complex designs. This includes injection molding, vacuum casting, and thermoforming.

Assembly & connection technology

From continuous-wave laser welding to MIG/MAG welding, and from 2D & 3D adhesive and dosing systems, we provide optimal surface treatment, including various painting processes.

Data generation
& optimization

Creating 3D CAD data, topology optimization, and material/technology selection. Flexibility throughout the design process ensures the highest precision.

From vision to reality

From Vision to Reality in 3 Steps

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From one source: all steps from prototype to series

Our comprehensive expertise extends from prototype development to series production. With our seamless production chain and decades of experience, we deliver electromechanical component groups of the highest quality, be it for prototypes or medium series.

We have been successfully managing projects for over 40 years and offer you the efficiency and quality you need for your success. Contact us to make your idea a reality.

Precision and Quality: Our Service for Your Product

Our specialized services rely on state-of-the-art optical and tactile measurement principles to ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards. We place great emphasis on precise measurements and provide comprehensive measurement reports along with best-practice guidelines. Each component is inspected with an accuracy of less than 1µm.
With our measuring room, we ensure that your requirements for precision and quality are consistently met.

Harness our experts and our years of experience in precise measurements to elevate the quality of your products to the next level.

Technology consulting

With in-depth expertise in material selection and along the entire value chain, we support you in identifying the best production technologies for your project.

Our experience ranges from prototyping to series production, and we offer specific audits and certifications, including ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications. Let’s find the optimal technology for your success together.

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