Occupant Monitoring System Development Kit

The Continental Engineering Services Occupant Monitoring System monitors occupants heads to evaluate attention, gaze direction, facial expressions, and fatigue

While most commonly deployed to supervise drivers, this technology provides many benefits also for passengers.  This information is essential for various systems, such as driver assistance and infotainment. While head gaze direction has been historically useful, in today’s high tech automobiles, it no longer has the accuracy demanded.  The CES DMS can replace or augment head gaze information with targets viewed by the pupils to gain profoundly more accuracy.  This system can also be combined with stereo- or TOF-imaging systems.

Important Key Facts

  • Camera and processing unit can be integrated into the instrumentation cluster
  • Available with 2D or 3D driver monitoring camera

Driver monitoring systems can be extremely useful for detecting driver distractedness, drowsiness, and can also be used in conjunction with speech recognition technology. 

Head, eye, and pupil tracking are essential for high-performance gesture recognition technologies as well as contributing to distractedness and drowsiness estimations.

Possible Features

  • Automatic seat personalization
  • Automatic heating personalization
  • Automatic cooling personalization
  • Face recognition
  • Head movement classification
  • Head gaze detection
  • Pupil target identification
  • Drowsiness estimation
  • Distractedness estimation

Direct Contact

David Ritzenthaler
Tel: +49 151 526 756 58
Email: david.ritzenthaler

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