HFL110 3D Flash LIDAR™ Development Kit

CES is developing an ecosystem which provides innovative modules for new mobility applications with the HFL118 product.

We provide you a development package that includes an ecosystem of scalable advanced LiDAR perception solutions. Dedicated to fast prototyping advanced development, it includes a user-friendly interface (GUI), which will enable you to integrate the development kit with your system.

In this way, you have complete flexibility to purchase a completely pre-assembled and tested LiDAR solution from us, ready to plug and play. 

Scalable offering

  • Linux and multi-platform driver to connect HFL118 kit
  • SDK with development tools
    (visualization , replay , recording)
  • Fast prototyping solution
  • Multi sensor architecture

Available Functions

  • Localization and Mapping
  • Road surface / road boundaries / Free Space
  • Obstacle collision warning or avoidance
  • 360° 3D perception (“HFL Belt”)

System Overview

Target Customer Groups

Technology transfer

High Resolution 3D Flash Lidar

Continental’s High-Resolution 3D Flash LIDAR™ (HFL) with 3D Global Shutter™ enables the Future of Machine Vision. With its solid state design, it addresses application areas in automotive, commercial vehicles, agriculture, construction, mining, UAV delivery, Infrastructure Inspection and more.

Lidar Development Kits and Workshops

We offer you various Devekopment Kits and Workshops for the usage and implementation of Radar Sensors, Automotive Cameras and Lidars in your projects. Contact me for more information.

Direct Contact

Max Wagner
Tel: +49 69 678 696  463
Email: max.wagner­@conti-engineering.com

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