Solutions for the 2 & 3 Wheeler Market

Motorcycles and three-wheeler combine the desire of fast driving with fun, freedom, and mobility.

Recent advances in motorcycle technology mean that you get better acceleration, improved safety, more interaction with other vehicles and that you can ride on the road longer without fatigue. High speeds combined with a minimal field of view due to the helmet limitations mean that more and more technologies from automotive development are finding their way into the motorcycle and three-wheeler industry.

These technologies could, on the one hand, affect the environment, the provision of information as well as safety and driving dynamics. Examples of this technology are braking systems with ABS, displays, but also topics such as radar sensors for blind-spot monitoring and cameras for lane or traffic sign monitoring. These technologies aim to safely integrate motorcycles and three-wheelers into the increasingly complex flow of traffic without losing sight of the fun-factor of these vehicles. The CES advantage is the similarity of the applications in the automotive environment and our many years of experience in a wide variety of mobility types. Likewise, technologies such as our ABS braking system can make an active contribution to preventing accidents and preventing incorrect driver reactions, thanks to the fact that the vehicles are still maneuverable under extreme conditions.

One of the main reasons for accidents with motorcycles and three-wheelers is the often high-speed differential in combination with reduced perception of the direct vehicle environment. By integrating and using existing technologies and solutions, we support the trend towards a drastic reduction in traffic accidents in the motorcycle and three-wheeler environment.


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