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With the introduction of electric mobility, autonomous driving and the manifold possibilities offered by connectivity and cloud connectivity, more and more companies are developing mobility concepts and are entering vehicle manufacturing.

Many things should be defined in advance of the actual development process:  What should the vehicle architecture look like, which systems are assigned to which domain, which active and passive driving safety technologies are used, which drive system is envisaged by the concept, which energy consumers are using the on-board power supply and what scope of functions is needed? In addition, we clarify at an early stage how much communication is required, what interface and network management look like, what possible diagnostic concepts might look like, and what are the requirements for real-time and data security, to name just a few examples.

We offer consulting, technical support and adapt our technical solutions at product and system level to your specific needs. This is true whether you are a start-up, a university research project or a successful company from a different industry than the automotive industry.

With our expertise in systems engineering, drive, brakes, driver assistance and interior electronics, we support you in meeting international automotive standards in a wide range of applications, right through to successful homologation

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Matthias Clemenz
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