Multi-Functional Smartphone Terminal

Multi-Functional Smartphone Terminal


The Smartphone terminal combines three integrated functions.

Inductive charging, Near field communication and wireless antenna coupling for your smartphone.


  • Improved quality of reception signal
  • Higher safety standards, particularly for electronic adjustment features
  • Vehicle HMI personalization via smartphone
  • Inductive charging without the hassle of cables or wires in the interior

Function Overview

Wireless Power Charging (WPC)

  • Inductive charging of qi-compliant devices in the vehicle (5W & 15W)
  • Foreign object detection and cooling solution

Near Field Communication (NFC)

  • Easy Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi pairing of the vehicle and the smart device
  • Car to smart device connection for bi-directional data transfer
  • Engine start authentication using your smart device as a digital vehicle key

Antenna Coupling

  • Optional antenna coupling
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