Driver Monitoring & Thermal Camera Solutions


To understand what the driver exactly needs is crucial to offer a real Holistic Human-Machine Interface experience. Therefore our systems gather the current condition of drivers. Our technology enables gaze target recognition, face recognition or drowsiness classification as well as the thermal comfort. That will be a base for a natural interaction and joy of use.


Driver Monitoring

  • 2D / 3D interior driver monitoring camera
  • Alliance of driver condition data with complete vehicle HMI

Thermal Camrea

  • Head Detection on IR Image
  • Extraction of forehead and body temperature
  • Calculation of Thermal Comfort Value (TCV) visualized in UI


  • Suitable for gesture recognition in wide areas and complex gestures
  • Multi-finger tracking possible
  • High-range recognition up to 1500 mm
  • Robust to electromagnetic fields

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