Access Systems


As the leading supplier of access control systems, we develop innovative technologies that make it more convenient and access and start modern vehicles. Our product range starts off with simple Immobilizers and Remote Keyless Entry Systems (RKE), which are available as standard equipment on many of today’s vehicles. More sophisticated systems allow for completely new convenience functions. These include Passive Start and Entry Systems (PASE™), Bidirectional Keys and Digital Keys with Near Field Communication (NFC). 


  • Lower system costs thanks to optimization of the components used (antennas and sensors)
  • Different antenna designs depending on the vehicle segment and market
  • Trunk opens automatically on approach, without the need for additional sensors
  • Increased driver convenience

Products for realizing this Functions

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)



Trend Access/Smart Access

Trend Access_Smart Access

Smart Access Systems Functions


With the Key Fob (PASE component), it is possible to access the vehicle and start the engine without having to hold it in your hand. The vehicle’s system recognizes the matching PASE Key Fob automatically on approach, automatically starts systems, adjusts customized settings, and opens the vehicle – for the driver, this means maximum ease of use as well as maximum convenience: simply get in and drive off.


  • Higher degree of vehicle access security
  • Secure transmission of data via ISM frequencies licensed for worldwide use
  • Integrated architecture with antenna, transponder interface, transceiver for RKE
  • Cost- and space-optimized solution thanks to a reusable PCB
  • Simplified programming and synchronization of ‘rolling codes’ between key and module
  • Maximum convenience for the driver
  • Entry and start without handle the key
  • Personalization based on unique ID
  • Customized mechanical design possible

Acces devices

Access Device Portfolio

Over-the-air Virtual key: Key as a Service

Use Cases

  • Unlocking and starting your car
  • Access multiple vehicles using a single device
  • Share keys with colleagues, family, friends
  • Specify access rights and privileges
  • Participate in car sharing or fleet management services
  • Provide more accurate personalized settings

Virtual Key Features

  • Valid for one car
  • Can be limited in time
  • Remotely revocable
  • Obtained over-the-air
  • Can be limited in occurrence
  • Can be limited in actions/access


Lock, Unlock and Start Authorization


Accurate Vehicle Position


Real Time Vehicle Data

Access devices


Any SDK instance running in an application is a Client Device ⇒


Any SDK instance running in an application is a Client Device ⇒


Each individual NFC badge is a Client Device ⇒

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