Experience seamless EV Charging at CES 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive innovation, Continental Engineering Services (CES) as a reliable and experienced engineer partner accompanies you along the entire path of development, implementation and realization of such cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize your EV charging experience.

Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot eliminates the hassles of traditional charging methods, offering an automated and seamless charging process. 

How it works

The CES Charging Robot operates through a two-unit system: a vehicle unit attached to the vehicle floor and a ground unit situated in the designated charging area.
Utilizing a precise positioning system, the vehicle is parked optimally above the ground unit for charging. Once the positioning is confirmed, the ground unit seamlessly connects to the vehicle, initiating the charging process.
Automated disconnection is facilitated either upon request or immediately after the completion of the charging process.

Ground Unit

  • Fixed on the parking place
  • Locates the vehicle’s connector and establishes a communication to the Vehicle Unit
  • Guides the vehicle operator by indicating the position of the connectors (Ground Unit to Vehicle Unit)
  • Establishes electrical contact as soon as the vehicle is positioned
  • Electrical contacts are protected until contact is established
  • Safe connecting/disconnection e.g., on power loss
  • Mounted underneath the car
  • Drawer to protect the connector whilst driving
  • Drawer closes securely/opens to make connector available for charging
  • Communication to the Ground Unit
  • Signals the relative position of the Ground Unit to the car for the guidance system
  • Retrofit possible with vehicle specific mounting

Vehicle Unit

At CES, we don't just innovate, we drive the future of electric mobility.

Innovation Beyond Charging

Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot not only redefines the charging experience but also opens doors to innovation. With features like automated parking and energy cost optimization, Continental anticipates and addresses the evolving needs of future mobility.

Why CES Charging Robot?

Compared to cable based

  • Effortless: Fully automated charging process without any tasks for the driver other than positioning the vehicle (no need to handle dirty or wet cable or be in inclement weather)
  • Intuitive: Charging process including connecting to the vehicle can be started remotely (no risk to forget to connect the charging cable)
  • Elegant: No visible charging station through the very flat design of ground unit (Nice appearance and less risk of vandalism)

Compared to wireless charging

  • Efficient: Significant higher efficiency
  • Emission-free: Significant lower electromagnetic emissions
  • Increased safety: No need for foreign object detection

Additional benefits

  • Enables charging process for automated parking functionality
  • Easy control and supervision of the charging process via APP
  • Retrofittable
  • Optimization of energy costs through the automated selection of charging time (considering intra-day electricity cost fluctuations and scheduled departure time)
  • Optimization of battery life through the automated selection of charging current (depending on battery SOC and available charging time)
  • Simple system integration

Start with us the future of electric charging!

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