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In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, innovation is the driving force behind the development of cutting-edge driver assistance systems and vehicle autonomy. At Continental Engineering Services, we’re at the forefront of this transformation, spearheading innovative concepts and delivering solutions that shape the future of mobility.

Our commitment extends beyond the confines of the automotive realm. We possess the agility to harness the technology we’ve pioneered and apply it to diverse industries, propelling progress and redefining possibilities. Our collaborative efforts span the globe, involving close cooperation with Continental Engineering teams worldwide.

Discover Our Product Range

We invite you to delve into the world of automotive technology by exploring our comprehensive product range. Gain valuable insights from our fact sheets, each offering in-depth information on specific facets of our offerings:


Unlock the power of vision with our advanced camera systems. Gain more info with the factsheet about our Camera Solutions.


Dive into the realm of radar systems with our cutting-edge solutions and download our factsheet about our RADAR Solution.

Mapping Kit

Explore the potential of mapping kit for diverse applications. Latest information are in our factsheet about the Mapping Kit.

Elevate Your Drone Missions with Our Advanced Services

Our capabilities extend far beyond the automotive horizon, venturing into the exciting realm of drone technology:


Simulate and plan your drone flights to account for any terrain related hazards to conduct a successful survey. Import the data for your site either through a publicly available survey source or from your previous mission and visualize flight path and assess risks.


Combining the depth perception of our long range 4D RADAR and the visual information from our High resolution cameras, you can create an accurate texture mapped 3D map useful for applications ranging from Surveying, monitoring to autonomous operations such automatic takeoff and landing.

Detect & Avoid

With our Long-range 4D RADAR you can detect a drone above 250g as far as 150m reliably. The RADAR is light weight and automotive grade and can be used on any drones above 500g payload capacity.


Using our high quality automotive grade sensors combined with our web based analytics software, you can extract the relevant data to meet your business intelligence needs. Together with our data processing services and features, you can ensure efficiency across your operations.

Drone Mapping Web Services

From mapping your Farm
to monitoring progress on a Construction site…

CES Drone Mapping web services can help streamline your process and gain efficiency in your business

Efficiency with Drone Mapping Web Services

In today’s fast-paced world, harnessing technology to streamline processes and gain efficiency is paramount. One such technological marvel that has revolutionized various industries is drone mapping. It’s not just about flying drones; it’s about unlocking a wealth of data and insights that can transform decision-making in engineering, research and development, and innovation departments.

Drone Mapping Web Services, such as those offered by CES (Continental Engineering Services), are at the forefront of this technological shift. These services bring together the capabilities of drones and web-based platforms to offer a range of features designed to simplify, enhance, and optimize various aspects of operations.


Drone mapping begins with the collection of geo-referenced image data, obtained either directly from drones or using specialized mapping kits like CES’s Carta Mapping Kit. These images serve as the building blocks for creating detailed point clouds of the surveyed environment.

LIDAR/RADAR Point Cloud Visualizer

Beyond photogrammetry, active sensors like LIDAR and RADAR come into play. Drone Mapping Web Services offer intuitive tools to visualize point cloud data generated by these sensors, providing users with a smooth and latency-free experience.

3D Measurement Tools

Accurate measurements are crucial in various industries, from agriculture to construction. Drone Mapping Web Services equip users with the ability to measure real-world metrics within the captured point clouds. Whether it’s distance, area, volume, or height profiles, these tools empower precise analysis.

Geo-Tagged Task Management

Effective organization is a hallmark of efficient operations. CES’s services allow users to plan tasks within their site or farm land. This includes task assignment, insights into optimal routes, and effort allocation, all while harnessing the power of geo-tagging.

Mission Planning

Mission planning is the backbone of drone operations. CES makes it simple by enabling users to plan drone missions effortlessly. The ability to export waypoints for navigation, compatible with various drone controllers, ensures smooth and precise flight paths.

Applications in Engineering, R&D, and Innovation

Drone Mapping Web Services have the potential to transform decision-making in engineering, research and development, and innovation departments. Here are some applications:


Precision agriculture, crop monitoring, and yield optimization.


Site analysis, progress monitoring, and project management.

Environmental Monitoring

Site analysis, progress monitoring, and project management.


Inspection, maintenance, and asset management.

We are not alone...

We are partnering with CGI, Drone Surveys, and JOJO’S to make a significant impact.

As decision-makers in engineering, R&D, and innovation departments, you hold the key to unlocking the future of technology. Register your interest today for an exclusive preview of our groundbreaking webservice and gain access to a wealth of knowledge through our whitepaper.