Autonomous Driving

The globalized world is facing a historic transformation. This applies above all to mobility. What lies before us is the beginning of a new, multi-mobile age. 

Mobility is already on the brink of highly automated driving. The complex requirements associated with this require special expertise and individual flexibility for each customer.

Thanks to the multitude of innovative functions, the complexity of automated vehicles, machines and systems are significantly increased. For this reason alone, choosing the right development partner is crucial for the success of a technology project as challenging as automated driving.

Nevertheless, many people have doubts about the reliability of the technologies for automated driving. With ongoing development and new interaction concepts for automated driving functions, we ensure that passengers are always up to date, understand all vehicle actions and not only accept the new technology, but even learn to love it.

While many of the safety systems used today only intervene in critical situations, future highly automated overall systems prevent them from occurring at all, thus minimizing the risk of accidents. This is another reason why more and more authorities around the world are working on the legal framework for testing and operating highly or fully automated systems and functions.

Find out more about the possibilities and developments of automated driving with our brochure on the subject. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a solution tailored to your vehicle concept and develop it together!

Automated Driving @ CES

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