CES Automated Conductive Charging System

When charging becomes comfortable

Electromobility still has some hurdles when it comes to charging, especially regarding convenience. To overcome these hurdles, Continental Engineering Services (CES) is developing an automated conductive charging system that we call “charging robot.“

This innovative conductive charging robot offers the driver effortless and time-saving charging. This system will increase the user acceptance of electromobility enormously.

The robot will not only be used in the automotive industry, but can also be adapted for other industries and markets.

How it works

The CES charging robot consists of a vehicle unit which is mounted on the vehicle floor, and a ground unit, which is installed on the ground in the designated charging area.

Guided by an positioning system, the vehicle is parked in the ideal position for charging above the ground unit.  Once the positioning is verified, the ground unit automatically connects to the vehicle and starts the charging process.

Automated disconnection can be done, by request or as soon as the charging process is completed.

Vehicle Unit

  • Mounted on the underside of the car
  • While driving the connectors are protected by a sliding door
  • The sliding door closes opens to make connector available for charging
  • WLAN Communication to the Ground Unit
  • Provides the relative position of the Ground Unit to the car for the guidance system
  • Retrofit possible with car specific bracket

Ground Unit

  • Integrated into the surface of the dedicated charging area
  • Locates the vehicle’s connector and establishes WLAN communication to the Vehicle Unit
  • Guides the vehicle operator by indicating the position of the connectors (Ground Unit to Vehicle Unit)
  • Establishes electrical contact as soon as the vehicle is positioned
  • Electrical contacts are protected until a connection is required
  • Safe contacting / de-contacting

Main benefits of the charging robot

Advantages compared to cable based conductive charging

  • Effortless: Fully automated charging process without any tasks for the driver other than positioning the vehicle (no need to handle dirty or wet cable or be in inclement weather)
  • Intuitive: Charging process including connecting to the vehicle can be started remotely (no risk to forget to connect the charging cable)
  • Elegant: No visible charging station through the very flat design of ground unit (Nice appearance and less risk of vandalism)


Advantages compared to wireless charging

  • Efficient: Significant higher efficiency
  • Emission-free: Significant lower electromagnetic emissions
  • Increased safety: No need for foreign object detection


Additional benefits

  • Enables charging process for automated parking functionality
  • Easy control and supervision of the charging process via APP
  • Retrofittable
  • Optimization of energy costs through the automated selection of charging time (considering intra-day electricity cost fluctuations and scheduled departure time)
  • Optimization of battery life through the automated selection of charging current (depending on battery SOC and available charging time)
  • Simple system integration

Our Services

  • Development/Tailoring of the charging robot to your needs, based on the existing design for OEM’s, Energy Suppliers and Charging Station Providers
  • Integration of the Vehicle Unit and Ground Unit
  • Development of overall charging strategy/functionality
  • Delivery of prototypes up to large-scale production

Direct Contact

Babak Sharifi Hamedani
Tel: +49 911 21774 52188
Email: babak.sharifi.hamedani­@conti-engineering.com

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