Restraint Control System

The Restraint Control System is the core of a vehicle’s passive safety concept. Acceleration and pressure sensors detect vehicle crashes. An Airbag Control Unit hosts all features for impact protection (Airbag firing, seatbelt pretensioning) and provides a number of other, safety- and homologation relevant features, such as the Event-Data-Recorder and seat-belt-reminders.

Feature Overview

The following features can be realized by our Restraint Control System. All listed features are compliant with the upcoming General Safety Regulation requirements. As such, the Airbag Control Unit is a key enabler for vehicle legislation.

  • Front Crash detection
  • Side Crash detection
  • Rear Crash detection
  • Rollover detection
  • Warning Lamp
  • Event Data Recorder
  • Energy Reserve
  • Internal Sensors
  • Crash Output (CAN/PWM)
  • Seat Belt Reminder

Hardware Overview

Airbag Control Unit

The safety computing unit hosts all features of the safety restraint system. It supports up to 12 satellite sensors and additional 5 analogue inputs, e.g. from seat track sensors.

p-sat Pressure Sensor
g-sat Acceleration Sensor

Pressure and Acceleration Sensor

Together with to the internal sound and 3D-acceleration sensor of the ACU, the satellite p-Sat pressure sensors and g-sat acceleration sensors provide additional crash information.

Full Service Package

Together with our colleagues from Continental Safety Engineering, we offer the entire passive safety system integration and crash testing for your development.


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