Parking Brake Control

We offer electric parking brake integration into your vehicle: from system design to software development to design adaptation and refinement.

Parking brake functionality today is typically implemented using electrical actuators integrated into the brake system near the wheels. The control is based on the cross-exchange concept, as described in the VDA guideline number 305-100. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system provides the hardware environment as a so-called “host,” while the software module tailored to both the vehicle and the parking brake component, referred to as the PBC (Park Brake Control), controls and monitors the activation of the parking brake.

Continental Engineering Services would be delighted to consult you regarding your functional requirements and develop a PBC that is optimal for your application and is also well suited to the selected parking brake components.

We would be happy to take on the coordination of the entire brake system. For example, we could be responsible for the parking brake and ESC functionality, including project coordination, integration, and final system release of all these components and functions.  We can also provide all of these services and products individually.  Let us know what your needs are, and together we can identify an optimal collaboration model that draws on our strengths and allows you to perform the aspects of the design you would like to maintain control over.

We rely on the highest quality automotive products, which are proven-in-series, the processes and tools from Continental AG, which guarantee high quality and efficient implementation.

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Dr. Hans Olms
Tel: +49 69 678 696  493

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